Thursday, August 11, 2011

01. the quiet takes it all. my love is gone, i am right behind him.

So, I just got this and I have no idea what I'm going to do with it. At all. Well, I could talk about knitting, I guess. Or something. Well, okay. Talking.

My parents renewed their wedding vows a couple days ago and while we were at their church, I noticed that they had six or seven different quilts on display that the women's group was working on every Wednesday morning that they donating, I don't remember where they were donating them.  The quilts were really quite cool, they had one that was all different shades of pink. I don't know if they were hand-sewn or if they used a sewing machine, but I thought they were quite awesome. And it kind of made me wish I didn't work Wednesday mornings so maybe I could go, even though I probably wouldn't, because I would feel awkward, but I think quilting could be pretty cool. I always liked sewing class in middle school, even though we only made a pair of boxers and something else that I just can't think of the name of. But it was awesome. And I remember that the boxers I made I wore forever and in the end I had multiple safety pins holding it together where the fabric had wore thin and where the elastic had all stretched out in the waistband.

So, yeah on one hand I would like to learn how to make quilts, but on the other, I love knitting too much to want to share time with another craft.

I haven't been knitting too much lately, because my hands hurt. I keep banging them off things when I'm at work. Like today, I hit the top of my hand off a box and it barely hurt, but I had this red mark that didn't fade for about an hour. It didn't bruise, but if I touch the spot or bend my wrist I can feel it hurt a little. The one day when I was at work I broke four fingernails. My hands are just getting a lot of abuse lately.

Hopefully, I'll get a lot of knitting done tomorrow, since I have tomorrow off work. I really want to get some serious work done on my Myrtle cardigan, since I think it looks so awesome. I was a little worried about the color for this, but I love it. And like I said on Ravelry, I really wanted to do something with this purple yarn ever since I got it... Just couldn't find the right project for it, but I think one will stick. :)